Have you changed the sleeping mattress, but still got back pain? Maybe it is time to throw away your pillow out the window. A pillow supports the spine that runs down your back. We have reviewed the best feather and memory foam pillows for back pain because they are readily available. Additionally, they can be used under the head while sleeping.

Which types of pillows help relieve back pain?

The following types of pillows that help one remain pain-free constantly:

1. Curved feather pillows

These types of pillows are quite common. They are recommended for use unless they are too fluffy to raise your head above the equilibrium resulting to dull pain in the lower back.

2. Memory foam pillows

The memory pillows are much firmer than the feather pillows. They provide enough support without feeling too hard. The ordinary orthopaedic pillows are memory foams. The pillow adapts to the shape of one’s head after lying on it for some time hence becoming more comfortable.

3. Lumbar pillows

The pillows are made of memory foam and are used under the back to support it while you are sleeping. They are mostly wedge-shaped or curved at the top. They excellently make contact with the lower back and host up without any support from you.

4. Knee pillows

They are pillows that concave cut-outs where the knee can fit. They are placed between the knees. They help lower the force on the lower back by supporting the torso. This is a technique of pain relief that is even recommended by doctors.

5. Lumbar cushions

These are not the same as the lumbar pillows. They rest behind the back when one sits on the chair or leans against the wall. They usually fit the lower curve of the lower back and take the strain off for the back to stay upright.

6. Cylindrical pillows

These pillows are made of foam, beans or shredded foam. They usually go under the curve of the neck or the knees to relieve the pain on the back.

7. Body pillows

These are full body pillows that support the back, neck, and head. They pillows are common with pregnant women and even people with chronic back pain.

Factors to consider before buying a pillow for back pain

Here are the prominent features that will help you get the best pillow to kick away back pain. We have selected our list of pillows depending on:

1. Support

Before buying a pillow, it is essential to check its firmness against the comfort it offers. It should be firm enough so that the head does not sink while lying on it. This way the spine can stay properly aligned.

2. Comfort

Pick a firm pillow but not too hard to make you uncomfortable. A comfortable pillow should make contact with your face. The pillows should not also carry any permanent foul or odour or allergic material.

3. Shape

Pillow used for back pain come in all shapes. The common types are flat or curved. However, there are also pillows for back pain that are contoured. Some of these pillows have an indent that helps the head stare up while encouraging you to sleep on your back.

4. Essential features

Different pillows for back pain have different essential features such as bamboo covers, double-sided contours and sets of two. Choose a pillow depending on your desire and need.

5. Price

Of course, you do not want a pillow out of your budget. The best pillows for back pain are within a range of prices. We have also made a comparison of their value for money. Whatever your budget, relax there is always a good pillow for you.

 Best pillows for back pain -2018 buyers guide

Here are our top 10 best pillows for back pain:

1. Snuggle -pedic ultra-luxury bamboo shredded memory foam pillow


Snuggle pedic bamboo shredded pillow is designed similar to the old feather pillows that you are used to. However, it is loaded with technology meant to keep off back pain. Anyone can find a perfect pillow size when it comes to snuggling- pedic ultra –luxury bamboo. The standard sizes are designed to fit on any bed.


The snuggle bamboo shredded memory foam pillow looks like a curved pillow that we use. However, it uses high quality shredded inside instead of the typical feathers. It is available in standard, king and queen size. The foam is usually filled inside a plain cover. The top is made of a kool-bamboo cover. The foam used is eco –friendly and approved by relevant authorities for human use.

The pillow is light thanks to the technology of the manufacturer. The cover of the pillow has a zipper on the side to enable you open and remove some foam whenever you please. Interestingly you can also have your pillow customized according to your requirements. The manufacturers won’t charge you any money for this.

The bamboo cover is a highly breathable micro-vent cover. Its polyester and lycra construction keep it feeling soft for your face. The pillow remains comfortable every night, so you need not add another cover over the pillow.

The pillow cover is removable for easy washing. The pillow is dust and mite-resistant. The foam does not contain any harmful chemicals that can lead to insensitivities and allergic reactions. You actually will not be able to notice any odour from the pillow.


The shredded foam used in making the pillow is firmer than the usual feathers. Even though it is not as hard as that of memory foam pillows. This is a pillow for those people that dislike the firmness in the firm memory foam pillows.

You can easily reduce the size of the materials inside and use to support your knees or calves. The pillow comes with full instructions which guide one through the usage.


  • Can be easily customized
  • Hypo-allergenic and mite resistant
  • Machine washable cover
  • Easy to balance firmness
  • Has free customization from the manufacturer
  • Breathable, removable bamboo cover


  • Customization takes time in transport

2. Spring bed pillows for neck and back pain by Oxa


The Oxa pillow for relieving back pain uses a modern technology without compromising on your comfort. This is a spring pillow that remains firm even after years of use; it helps those with back pain remains stress-free the whole night and enjoys good night sleep.

  • Despite its breakthrough technology the pillow is moderately priced.


This is a buff curved pillow. It is available in soft spring pillow. Firm spring pillow and of course the regular spring pillow. We will be reviewing the firm pillow because it simply provides the best support to alleviate back pain.

The pillow uses a combination of spring and dense foam for a pleasant amount of firmness, making it suitable for people with large and heavy heads.

The core of the pillow has up to 40 coils wrapped separately. They respond individually to every movement so it doesn’t matter how much you toss and turn, this pillow got you. You won’t feel any pressure imbalance. The springs are firmly fixed unto each other. Therefore they do not make the creaking sound you might have thought of. The springs entirely ensure that the pillow remains form and never goes flat even after several years of use.

The pilows’ sides have a 3D spacer mesh. Hot air rushes through this mesh as you place your head on this pillow. The hot air is then quickly replaced by cool air. Even when lying on your stomach the pillow still offers excellent air circulation to keep your head cool. The pillow is not washable just slip a cover over it.


The pillow offers the support without great firmness or lack of air circulation. The spring system of the pillow keeps your backbone properly aligned and reduces any possibility of back pain. The pillow has an indent that keeps your head facing straight and promotes back sleeping.


  • Spring and foam construction
  • Remains buoyant for several years
  • Has venting mesh on the sides for breathability
  • Fit for stomach sleepers since it doesn’t choke them.


  • Slightly costly.

3. Sleep innovations cool contour memory foam pillow


Nothing compares to memory foam pillows when it comes to sleep support. The sleep innovations cool contour memory foam provides tow shades of neck support that keeps your back properly aligned. The pillows’ therapeutic design is commonly known for relieving back and neck pains. The pillow is comfortable despite its firmness.


The pillow has a double contour design. It is simply a rectangular piece with two waves on edge. One edge has a shorter wave and another side a higher wave. Those with smaller neck curve should use the former while those with longer necks use the latter. The pillow is available in standard and queen size.

The innovations pillow is not one continuous piece of a pillow. It is simply two pieces fused together. One part plays the role of keeping our head cool throughout the whole night because it has proper ventilation even when you sleep on your stomach. The other part is curved foam where you can place your head when you are resting.

The pillow comes with a soft cover that is machine washable. The pillow is hypoallergenic. Therefore you can place your head on it without noticing any strong chemical odour.


This memory foam pillow offers the best support for the neck and upper back. However, you have to understand that it is firmer than the normal feather pillow, so you have to get used to its firmness. Use the pillows contours smarty depending on your neck length. When your neck is properly rested, it eases the stress on your lower and upper parts of the body.


  • Memory foam pillow
  • Cool contour layer for ventilation
  • Two contour sides of different neck lengths
  • Moderately priced


  • The two components are not well forged and therefore might fall apart.

4. Xtreme comforts hypoallergenic pillow-adjustable thickness bamboo shredded memory foam pillow


Xtreme comfort pillow is in every sense a comfortable pillow at all times. It is a shredded memory pillow that keeps you comfortably sleeping throughout the night. Its best customization options are definitely what everyone looks unto. The pillow is versatile in every sense; it can be placed under the back or under the knees, not mentioning the convenience of being machine-washable.


The Xtreme comfort adjustable pillow for back pain is curved. However, on arrival, it appears flattened in the plastic package. Once the wrap is removed, the pillow bounces back to its curved shape.

If you find the flattened version too overstuffed, you can remove the filling and make it as firm as you desire. It is only overstuffed to cover the needs of a wide range of individuals. Because it is an adjustable pillow, you can manually reduce its size.

The pillow is made of shredded foam which is not as firm as the memory pillows but a bit firmer than the feather pillows. The outer bamboo covers is micro-vented to promote proper circulation of air to avoid overheating.

The entire pillows are washable, just put it in a washable even when you notice it is a bit flattened, it just fluffs right back. The pillow is dust and mite resistant not to forget the hypoallergenic factor that makes it a suitable choice for those with allergies and sensitivities of all sorts.


Amazingly the Xtreme comfort adjustable pillows strike an excellent balance between firmness and comfort. It is quite supportive; it aligns the back no matter what position you choose to sleep on. Its cover allows proper breathing.


  • Made of shredded memory foam
  • Adjustable
  • Micro-vented bamboo cover
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Machine-washable pillow


None so far

5. Classic brands cool reversible cool gel memory foam pillow.


This pillow perfectly supports the neck and the head. This excellent quality memory pillow keeps the airflow sufficient throughout the night. Its firmness keeps the head level with the spine. The fact it is available in different sixes makes it suitable for everyone.


The classic brand’s memory foam is a continuous piece of memory foam. It is designed with extraordinary heights for side sleepers. The pillow uses the gel-infused memory foam pillow. It is a simple rectangular piece of foam with a slight curve on the top face. The pillow lacks contours, ones you place your head on it; it aligns with the spine.

The air flows freely into the pillow thanks to its open cell technology. The head and the face remain cool for longer periods even during the hot summer. The pillow is also gusted on one side to help with both back, and side sleepers maintain the right posture.

This pillow comes with a removable cover, it can be washed in the machine. The pillow cover wicks the moisture off the neck and back as you sleep. The foam is mould and micro bacteria resistant. The pillow has some mild odour which means you should air it before use.


This rectangular shaped pillow is suitable for use by people whose necks do not adapt well with contoured memory foam pillows. The shape adapts to the shape of the neck more easily making sleeping much comfortable than you thought. The pillow does not exert pressure on the neck and head thanks to its medium plush. It also feels soft enough to both side and back sleepers.


  • Firm enough to give good support
  • Has no contour
  • Proper air circulation
  • Removable machine washable covers
  • Gusseted structure for side sleepers


  • Has a chemical odour when it arrives.

6. Arc4life cervical linear traction neck pillow


The arc4life pillow is a great pillow for anyone dealing with chronic back and neck pain. Its special design cradles your head in the perfect position without making you uncomfortable. This pillow is firm but not too firm to cause you discomfort. It has a soft hypoallergenic finish that makes it possible for you to feel great all night long.


This pillow is fluffed up with mass measuring 24 inches in length and 17 inches in breadth. Even though a bit expensive, the pillow is ideal for those people who have suffered constant pain as a result of trauma or chronic condition.

The pillow has a V-shaped contour on one side. The V has an indent where the head lies. The shape keeps the neutral head position with the spine. This way there is traction to the neck and pressure relieving at the curve. In case you want to take a break from the V shape, you can turn your pillow and sleep on the other side. The neck roll h on this side offers firm support to the curve of the neck.]

The arc4life pillow is made of memory foam that is more breathable. You can now sleep sideways without feeling suffocated by the pillow. It offers excellent convenience by the fact that it is machine washable. The pillow does not have any odour, so it is safe even for those with regular allergies and sensitivities.


This is an excellent alternative for memory foam pillows. The arc4life feels soft yet firm. Its design kept the head straight and aligned with the spine enhancing continuous support.

The neck role on the other side is perfect for avoiding potential neck problem. Even though not everyone is bound to adjusting to this pillow, one needs to give themselves enough time (3 to 5 days) to break in.


  • V-shaped traction
  • Supportive neck roll on the other side
  • Soft feel
  • No chemical odour
  • Machine washable


  • The shape may not be likeable to everyone

7. Easylife ergonomic aloe memory foam sleeping pillow for back and slide sleepers.


The easy life 185 ergonomic pillow makes the life of chronic pain bearers much easier. The pillow is mainly equipped to help keep your head comfortable and properly aligned. Additionally, it is also very helpful in keeping away the pain especially that caused by accidents.


The pillow is made of an innovative new shape. It is heart-shaped with an indent in the middle. Space helps cradle your neck perfectly. The sides of the heart shape are slanted, making it a convenient place for you to place your hand on. This way you can support your body and keep the pressure off the back.

The pillow comes in standard size and king size. The side sleepers can use the higher side of the pillow to sleep comfortably. The pillow is made with slow memory foam. It rebounds from its sunken shape hence long-lasting. The pillow is soft and its case breathable at night. It is covered with an inner-mite sleeve. It can be machine washed and air dried.


The aloe memory foam pillow is God sent to those who have been experiencing back pain for the longest time possible. The heart shape supports the head and neck quite perfectly.


  • Slow rebound memory foam.
  • Innovative design
  • Removable aloe cover
  • Hypoallergenic and mould -resistant


  • Might not be effective for everybody.

8.Mkicesky Soft memory foam bamboo sleeping pillow



The Mkicesky memory foam pillow for back pain is made of natural bamboo. The firm memory is therapeutic to back pain. Its cover makes it super breathable than any other usual memory foam pillow. Even though it has an odd shape, it is a pillow that you will love after getting used to it.


The mkicesky memory foam has a shape like that of a butterfly. The neck rolls forward a little bit to provide support to the entire curve of your neck. The pillow also has a little ident that allows you to rest the head in line with the spine. You can move from side to side without felling sunken in the pillow. This pillow is great for both back and side sleepers.

The entire pillow is made of slow rebound memory foam making it firm enough to provide adequate support to your neck. This foam pillow does not lose it springiness fast; you can use it for some time before you can eventually get a new one.

  • The pillow is wrapped in a bamboo cover. Both are removable and machine-washable. The pillow needs to be aired before use upon arrival.


The mkicesky memory foam offers the firmness needed to alleviate back pain. It is firm enough yet soft not to hurt your back


  • Slow rebound memory foam
  • Breathable material
  • Washable bamboo  cover
  • Butterfly shape to adapt to the neck


  • Firmer than usual


How you sleep impacts your spinal cord health. If after buying a new pillow you are experiencing nightmare having a good night sleep. You need to buy yourself a good mattress for additional spinal support.

Body pillows help align the neck and the head properly to the spinal cord. Sleeping on a good quality pillow will enhance a good night sleep and allow you to have productive days ahead. Invest in a good body pillow, and it shall pay off in years to come.