Stress is inevitable; it is a natural response to disappointments and shortcomings of life. However did you know that stress can highly impact your sleep? Right doses of stress can be a positive force in our day to day life, but too much stress, however can cause sleep problems.Blood rush, increased heartbeat and sweating are normal signs of positive stress like when you’re about to present a class report or make a major proposal to your potential investors, however extreme levels of stress present with;

  • Depression
  • Tension
  • Anxiety
  • Poor concentration
  • Sleep problems among others.

Management of Stress

Here are some tips to help you do away with stress for a goodnight sleep;

  • Assess cause of stress: Are you overloaded at school or work? Do you experience any pain? Finding the stressor would help in knowing the proper way of managing it thus enable you to have a goodnight sleep.
  • Exercises should be done 2-3 hours prior to sleeping so that the body can return to its normal temperature. Stressed muscles tend to be painful and tight in response to stress hence they relax leaving one therapeutically relieved and this in turn, induces sleep.
  • Healthy diets foods rich in nutrients promote sleep can be as simple as milk and bananas. Foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates like almonds and pumpkin seeds are rich in melatonin hormone that induces sleep. These should be included in your meal during dinner.
  • Sleep routines: try sleeping at the same time every night as this will eventually condition your body to the same routine conveniently from9:30 or 10:00 PM every night.
  • Social support involves talking to your partner family or friends as it helps one to vent their frustrations from their days’ activities leading to calm state, convenient for sleeping.
  • Relax by reading a book taking a warm bath or listening to some calm soothing music. This will get your mind off the stressing factors of the day.
  • Create a conducive sleeping environment by ensuring the room is dark or wear an eye mask .Ensure your bed is comfortable as well.

Sleep renews the body cells and boost one’s energy .For this reason it is important to learn how to manage stress which can hinder a good night sleep. However, if the techniques mentioned above fail to work for you, seek medical attention in order to get to the bottom of the stressor and be able to achieve a goodnight sleep.


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