Choosing a good blanket is more than picking your best color and size. It goes a long way in choosing one that suits your lifestyle and one that will promote a good night sleep. More often than not we are likely to choose one with a bright color or bigger size without considering the quality.

We have evolved from using blankets to using duvets. How do you decide on which one that suits you? Would you go for a lighter one or heavier one, soft and woolen or rough and prickly? Come with me and let us explore the options we’ve got.

Factors to consider before choosing a blanket

Blanket that suits you may not suit someone else. We all have preferences so here are the factors to look at:


When it comes to sleep temperature, following the Goldilocks principle which states that, “not too cold, not too hot, but just right.” When your bedroom temperature falls too low, your sleep will be disrupted.

Blanket size

One should consider buying a mattress that fits your entire bed and covers your mattress and leaves a few inches to tuck in around the sides and bottom. Even with this, blanket sizes vary with manufacturers so it is advisable to measure your mattress before buying one


The type of fabric for a blanket is based on an individual’s preferences from how you sleep to any allergy concerns. Here are the major types of fabrics:


This type of blankets holds up well when repeatedly washed as they reduce the number of allergens building up.


These ones can be lightweight or heavy and is often used to warm and insulate during the cold days. Some wool can be itchy but there are some that have been designed and are smooth.


This down blanket is similar to a down comforter, but it is thinner and lighter. These type of blankets are warm and they aren’t good conductor of moisture, and this can easily cause nighttime sweating.


The main synthetics used are acrylic and polyester. These types of blankets are warm but they tend to attract static electricity and they don’t allow moisture to escape.


They are cozy, warm and not too heavy. They are a perfect fit for you if warmth is at the top of your list.


Commonly used in hotels. They contain thin foam surrounded by plush nylon. They can withstand multiple washes and are very warm. They are an ideal pick for someone with allergies.

Electric blankets

These ones are made from synthetic materials. These blankets let you manually adjust the temperature to your personal comfort level. There are some that have dual control system that two people can program the different sides of the blanket to their preferred temperature.

  • For safety purposes, never place a comforter or another blanket on top of the electric blanket.
  • Keep electric blankets away from children.


Are you ready to change your, blanket? Measure your bed and mattress then go ahead and choose one that suits your preferences. Pick a cozy one and enjoy your night sleep for a fresh day and healthy lifestyle.


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