Specific exercises will have you retire your earplugs much earlier than you thought. Studies show that about 400 million adults snore each night. Snoring disrupts the quality of sleep you are getting leading to daytime tiredness and sleepiness. This article provides all the knowledge you need to in order to deal with snoring appropriately.

What causes snoring?

Snoring occurs when one is unable to move air freely in their nostrils. As a result, the surrounding tissue vibrates which in return produces the snoring sound. The people who snore often have a lot of floppy tissue that causes vibration whenever airwaves bypass it. Other causes of snoring include:

1. Age

The throat narrows down as one reaches or nears middle age. The throat muscle tone also decreases gradually. It is almost impossible to do anything about age, but one always has a chance of changing their lifestyle just like avoiding smoking

2. Overweight

Weight gain is the leading cause of increased fatty tissue which leads to reduced muscle tone hence contributing mainly to snoring. Exercises help tone your body muscles including those of the nose. Losing weight helps increase the muscle strength to enable one’s breath usually.

3. Body structure

Men, for instance, have narrower air passages hence are more likely to snore than women. Other factors such as narrow throat and cleft palate are hereditary. Even though no one can take charge of the way they are built, one can make crucial choices such as quitting smoking to help them reduce their snoring

4. Lifestyle habits

Alcohol, smoking and some medications such as mood stabilizers increase muscle relaxation. As a result, snoring is bound to occur.

5. Sleeping posture

Often, sleeping on the back leads to fresh throat relaxation thus blocking the airway. Changing your sleeping position could help you sleep much better.

6. Move around

The blood pools unevenly through the body, causing poor circulation. It is essential that you get up early in the morning for a jog to get the endorphins flowing and blood pumping. Simple exercises t home such as crunches will help you lower the snoring tendencies.

7. Fuel up

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, do not dare forget that. After hours of sleeping your body  needs to wake up to a good start of energy giving foods to boost your metabolism, enhance proper concentration and provide you with the energy you need to get through the day

A protein-rich breakfast makes one fill for longer. Yogurt and wholemeal cereals are an excellent choice for a morning start.

Exercise for snoring

Here are muscle exercises to help you get rid of snoring

1. Neck muscle strengthening

Another cause of snoring is the weak neck muscles surrounding the throat. Weak muscles obstruct the air passage. The exercise area was able to help strengthen the throat muscles. To be able to do these exercises:

  1. Open and close your mouth making sure that the lips touch
  2. Pucker for about 15 minutes before you release and smile as wide as possible.
  3. Close the mouth in the end and press the lips together

2. Tongue exercises

Tongue exercises help open and clear the obstruction at the back of the throat. Here is how to do these exercises:

  1. Stick out your tongue as far as you can
  2. Position it on each side
  3. Ensure that you are feeling a stretching sensation at the back of the mouth
  4. Stretch it out on each side as far as you can. Repeat this exercise 20 times daily for a month.

3. Jaw work out

Jaw exercises help you get rid of the excess neck fatty tissues. Sticking out the jaw also help you to open the airway and ease obstruction. To do this exercise:

  1. Make a chewing motion while lying down.
  2. Bring out the bottom teeth further than the upper teeth by sticking your jaw out.
  3. Hold this position and repeat at least ten times daily

4. Try singing

Singing simply gives your vocals a work out of a lifetime. Tune on your favorite music and sing along for 20 minutes. Repeat this daily, and you will notice a decrease in the snoring.

Bedtime remedies to help you deal with snoring

Here are tips to help you overcome your snoring are:

  • Always change your sleeping position. Make it a habit of elevating your head four inches to ease your breathing and encourage your tongue and to move forward. You can get the specific anti-snoring pillows to help you with this.
  • Try anti-snoring mouth appliance. Anti-snoring devices often resemble the athlete mouth guard. The devices open the airway by bringing your lower jaw and the tongue forward during your sleep. You can get a do it yourself kit if you presume the dentist ones to be more expensive.
  • Always clear nasal passage. Clean your nose with saline water to lower your stuffiness. You can also use nasal decongestant to help you breath more easily
  • Make the bedroom air moist by use of a humidifier. Dry air is likely to irritate the nose because it dries off the mucous membrane that keeps the nose moist,
  • Avoid some foods such as milk and soy right before bed because they are thought to make snoring much worse.


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